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Welcome to the Luna Community!

Welcome to our forums. We hope you are able to use this forum to find all the information you need, share work, learn and interact with both the Luna team and community.

This is a development community made up of developers, so we encourage you all to work together, help one another and learn from each other. We are all here in order to help our fellow members, with the target aim to continue the better development of our Luna platform.

As all communities, we also have guidelines on user conduct and general expectations of behaviour on the forums.

  • When posting, please treat other members with courtesy and respect.
  • No personal attacks of any kind are allowed and participating in arguments is highly discouraged.
  • If you find a questionable post in a thread you have visited, report it to the moderators and avoid the temptation to police it yourself. Getting involved in the bickering or piling onto a fight only adds to the problems. You can flag or let one of the moderators or Luna staff know in these situations.

Please refer to our community guidelines sections for more information.

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