Luna Element file size problem

No matter how small the video file is, my output’s file size just can’t go below 3~4 MB. Is there any tip on how to fix this ?
Thank you.

Hi Nam, welcome to the community! :smile:

We’ve taken a look at your creative’s settings in Playground and it seems the video you are using is 3mb, if you were to compress this video prior to uploading it to Playground it will definitely reduce your playable size.
You can compress videos for free on sites like this one.

Please let me know if this helps!

Also if you were to delete your current playable and make a new one you will be able to see our new masks feature for Elements, which allows you to highlight an area of your screen during a hint pause!


Hi Ben.
Thank you so much for your support.
However I have tried with a 1MB video before but the end result were still more than 3 MB. I have tried a lot of way but I just couldn’t make it blow 3 MB no matter what.
Do you know what could be the issue here ?
Also in the trailer, I see you guys have a Luna’s asset library feature. May I ask when will it be available ?
Thank you :smiley:

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Hi Nam,
You’re very welcome! :blush:
I’ve taken a look at the videos in your media library but none of them seem to be under 1mb.
If they were 1mb on your machine before uploading this could be changing due to how we encode them.
To get around this could you try uploading one again but make sure the Video format is set to ‘Keep original’?

And after doing so could you to send a link to this playable in Playground using the new 1mb version of your video?

As for the Asset Library feature we have just enabled it on your account, you should have access to it now :smile:

Hi Ben.
Thank you so much for enable the Asset Library :grin:
Also I follow your instruction and it seems to work now. Thank you for your support again :grin:

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Hi Nam,
That’s great to hear!
Please let me know if you have any other questions :grinning: