How to request features changes / product feedback

Product feedback and feature request

Below is the considerations that should be taken into account when feature submission or product feedback is made.

Two options are available to you:

  • I have a suggestion - Submit it to under the pertinent product’s Feature Request section
  • I have a feedback - If you’d like to let us know about your experience using any of our platforms (and not list a solution/change), submit it to under the pertinent product’s User Experience section

Before posting browse the category for topics - Use this to see if another user has reported the same feedback as you in the past!

If there’s a similar feedback item already created, we encourage you to upvote or comment on the item.

This helps us understand the feedback more holistically. This is a chance to build on or support the feedback that you feel passionately about!

We want to hear about your experiences. If there is functionality or features that can be improved to help you achieve your goal, please let us know here!

These details will help our Product team understand your needs and connect the feedback item to other ideas. Additionally, it will help other customers experiencing the same problem recognise that they can support and add context to your feedback. Support from others will help accelerate your feedback along the lifecycle of our Product Development process.

We have outlined guidelines of things to consider. It’s important to understand what you want to change and how you see it will improve our technology.

When requesting a change to Luna, you should show the motivation behind your suggestions and give a good reason that supports it. Do not just state you want something to change. State the problem you are having and explain how this new feature would fix the problem.

What to Include in your Feature Request:


Its all good asking for something to change but start by describing the motivation for requesting a new feature, for example:
“My motivation for requesting this … Is it because it helps or improves …“

This will help us understand why you are requesting this change and show that you’ve really considered the overall impact this will have for both, you the user and our technology.


Then consider asking yourself the reason why this feature would improve your experience with Luna overall:
“This would allow me to do … more quickly ” or "It would increase the use of … "

Giving a good example of what your request submission improves in your experience will helps us understand the improving factor and consideration of how this will improve the overall user experience.

Use case

A use case will help give us a better understanding of the intention and impact you want this feature will take, especially if it is a big change.

If we can see how you intend for this change to be used, it will help us understand better what you expect the outcome for the change will have.

Where to Post your Feature Request or Feedback

After you have read through the guidelines above, all that’s left is to share your thoughts with us!

  • Playground

    • Feature Request please post here,
    • Feedback please post here.
  • Playable

    • Feature Request please post here,
    • Feedback please post here.
  • Replay

    • Feature Request please post here,
    • Feedback please post here.