How to request documentation changes / improvements

This category can be used to discuss our documentation.

Whether it’s questions about a particular API or something you would like to see differently in documentation - this is the place to go.

Tell us what you want to see in our documentation or want to see explained better.

Although we understand everything may not be perfect in our docs, we would appreciate some constructive criticism, or thoughts for improving our documentations.

Here is how we expect a topic in this section to be created and some general structure for us to process request with.

Topic title

Be Clear with the topic title so we know whats being asked for straight from the title.
Specifically list what it’s about, e.g.:

  • Specific API
  • Specific functionality
  • Missing information

Explain with as much detail as possible with what you are struggling to understand or is missing from the documents.


Explain what you feels missing or needs improving:

  • It needs to explain this … because it will help avoid …
  • Its missing … and it’s causing a problem here
  • I’m using this … and i don’t understand it, can it be explained better / not enough information

Following these steps will speed up the process and allow us to deal with these requests more effectively.

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