How to create bug reports

Bug report guidelines

Please make sure you follow these guidelines and have the following information before submitting your reports. Otherwise, you’ll risk NOT being investigated.

Bugs can be difficult to understand and take time to solve. For us to find answers to these errors as quickly as possible, we need as much information as we can. This is where you come in; by submitting a well-written report, the sooner you will receive a solution.

Follow the steps below to submit a report on the bug you found.

Basic Information a bug report must have:

  1. An accurate title - Luna devs should know what the bug is before opening the issue thread. Be specific!

  2. A detailed description - Explain what you expected, and what happened instead, it’s important for our devs to understand the steps taken for this bug to occur, refer to our Reproduction steps below.

  3. Videos and images - Include visuals to demonstrate the problem, it is always a good idea to include images or videos of the error, this can speed up the reproduction process for our devs and compare if the bugs are the same.

  4. Screenshot of error message and code - We have diagnostics that display error messages for us to identify problem message, sending them along with code will speed up solution feedback.

  5. Reproduction instructions and files - See below

Reproduction Steps

Provide step-by-step instructions that cause the bug to happen.

The steps you’re recreating must be clear and detailed. We recommend including a relevant and clear walkthrough of the problem as well as using bullet points to list out your steps.

Here are some examples:

  • I open the Luna window.
  • I enabled texture compression of the png image.
  • I click build and it throws errors.

I wanted to reduce the size of a png image with the Luna settings. But, it doesn’t build once the settings are applied and this happens only when I apply these settings.

attach screenshot = img

any error message is shown by diagnostics

It’s also crucial to be able to measure how consistent you are in reproducing this bug. Ideally, your steps to reproduce the issue would be 100% of the time, but do mention if you can only recreate this 50% / 100% / rarely.

Reproduction Files

If possible, upload a very simple placeholder file to your thread that you can use to reproduce the bug. The file should have the bare minimum to cause the bug to happen.

Alternatively, you can include screenshots of the before and after as well as some code if the first option is not possible.

Always include reproduction (repro) files for bugs that only happen with specific scripts / setups / instances / etc!