How to check game install page / How to use 3d Particle


  1. I put this code ‘Luna.Unity.Playable.InstallFullGame()’ in the button and then I try to check it in PlayGround. When I pushed the button there was a message “CTA button Clicked” but there was no install page. I put install address in ‘Global Settings’ in LunaTool and Luna.Unity.Playable.InstallFullGame(“address”), but still I can’t solve this problem.

  2. When I use 3d Particle(particle system - RendererMode : Mesh) in my project there is an issue. Some part are invisible but some part are visible. I changed shader a lot but it doesn’t work well. Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Park, welcome to the community! :smile:

For your first question, this is expected behaviour. Whilst in Playground your CTA events like InstallFullGame will not take you outside of the page as we don’t allow external calls. When packaged for your desired ad network the CTA event will redirect correctly.

For your second question, would it be possible for you to send an image of the game view (showing the particle anomaly in Luna)? Also if you could provide more info on the renderer module in the particle system (screenshot of this would be great!), and info on the mesh itself as well as the shader that has been used.
Also info on any other modules that are in play (e.g. if you are using a custom shader data module).

If you use our Chrome Extension while looking at the particle in the browser (and include the inspector view of the particle) that would be of great help as well!

Example of the particle system in our Chrome Extension:

Thank you for your kindness.

I solve this particle problem with chrome extension. There is an issue when I using ‘SetActive(false)’ function. When I use it , Particle System Renderer is turned off. That’s why I can’t see some of my particle well. I fixed it by using this code"GetComponent< ParticleSystemRenderer >().enabled = true;

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Awesome to hear all is well!

Would you mind if this thread was made public so those visiting the forums for the first time can see it?

No, I don’t mind. You can make this public if you want.

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