Export error in playable ad

Hello I tried to using video playable master from GitHub to test it with unity and when I tried export and build it I found the errors in the image attachment.
Hopefully anybody can give me advice or solution of this error


Hi Hussien, welcome to the community :smile:

Could you clarify what you mean by “using video playable master from GitHub”?
Is this in reference to using our Playable Video Template project from our community GitHub?
I’ve tried cloning that repo (on the master branch like you) and building but have run into no errors.
Could you also let me know what version of Unity you are working with?

Could you please check your luna.log file (Project > LunaTemp> luna.log) for any details on what asset failed to process and let me know those details here?

Also if I have the wrong idea about what project you are working with please let me know, or if you have made any changes to this one I have mentioned since cloning it.